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Q & A

What if I don't get 30 students?

We always encourage our amazing educational program as part of your mandatory school year/studio curriculum. We require a financial guarantee of 30 students. If participation is under 30, the event will still take place. 

What happens if flights are cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances?

We provide all details for your faculty and their travel. In the event we experience a delay or a weather cancellation, we will readjust the schedule or reschedule the entire event for you. 

How many levels can you split the intensive into?

For a 1 day intensive, we provide two levels, if a 2-5 day intensive is scheduled we will split levels up to 3 working rooms depending on space. 

We are a small studio, is this right for us?

Quest Intensive is the premiere educational in-studio dance program geared to every type of dancer from recreational to advanced-pro. Every dancer world-wide should understand the industry in all aspects. Quest is about individual attention, educational growth, and realizing the potential of your training - regardless of what level. 

Can I open this up to my local area and outside my studio?

Yes! We provide an incredible service including all logistics, PR & Marketing as well as scheduling. You can market the event to anyone and every student locally and from different studios or universities. 

Can I charge what I want?

The price provided to you is what Quest is charging the studio. You are welcome to charge whatever price is comfortable to your students for maximum financial gain. 

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