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  • Additional Faculty: Each intensive comes with 4 faculty members. Add additional teachers to your student’s experience.

  • Additional Classes on Top of Maximum: Add to the experience with the opportunity to take more than the intensive’s maximum number of classes.

  • College Prep - Understanding BA vs BFA and the materials and technique needed to score a slot at top Universities nationwide. 

  • Live Musician: Add to your student’s artistic growth, by giving them the opportunity to work with live music. A range of guests artists may be brought to your studio to take your student’s knowledge to the next level.

  • Set Choreography with a Faculty Member: While we are at your studio, hire a member of the Quest Faculty to set a piece on your student’s that can be used in professional performances and at competitions.

  • Choreography Clean-Up: Quest Faculty can use their watchful eyes to assist in perfecting and enhancing pre-set pieces of choreography.

  • Choreography Adjudication: The prestigious Quest Faculty will watch your students perform and give written scores and feedback to help assist students and studio.

  • Vocabulary and Terminology: Add to your students professional edge, by starting the intensive with a class that will review dance, music and staging terminology. Classroom and stage etiquette will also be explained.

  • Follow-Up Student Workbook: Faculty will devise pages of notes, terminology, anatomical descriptions, specialty history and advise. The pages will be turned into a customized workbook, special to EACH Intensive individually. A great addition to the Vocabulary and Terminology Class!

  • Pre-Purchased T-Shirts: Assure that all of your students walk about with a piece of “Quest”. Pre-order the Quest Intensive TShirt for your students. Gives you $100 in savings.


Pricing provided with submission.

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